I think through eight weeks I have a learned a lot about myself, and maybe most of all, that I can do whatever I set my mind to do. At times it felt like it was going to be impossible to reach my goal of eating healthier. However, during these past weeks I started to eat more fruits, vegetable, and lean meats. I cut sweets down to 1 a week. However, once in a while I still have cookies, but I cut down the portion. The thing I regret is that I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to show my progress. I even ended up losing a couple of pounds. I feel good that I also went to the gym almost everyday. I still feel like I need some more improvement, but the future looks good because I accomplished what I set out to do. I am going to stick to my regimen of eating healthy and working out almost everyday to be ready for the next season of soccer.


Since the beginning I knew I was going to have fun blogging ūüôā It was a nice experience for me beacuse not only did I learn from everyones blogs but also, I learned from myself. It wasnt easy, I would sometimes forget to blog, but its good that technology exists since one can blog from their smartphone! I learned many interesting and fun things. I am not going to stop blogging at all maybe once a month I’ll learn something new and if any one wants to keep up with my weight loss plan. Believe it or not I lost 20 pounds since January till this day and I feel great!. I still have along way to go since my wedding is coming up but I am so excited! One thing that I achieved is eating late at night not only did I change this habit but also did my family and its been great! Good luck to everyone.

When I began this wellness plan I was hoping to get rid of a bad habit. The habit that I wanted to change was my bad habit of procrastinating on homework. At first it seemed as though change was going to be a possibility but it seems that it was one of my worst habits that I probably should have chosen a different bad habit to change. I learned that I am capable of understanding reasons why I procrastinate but it is difficult for me to stick with a strict schedule. Also, I think that instead of having incentives there should be consequences for not doing what I planned to do. One thing that really made my procrastination worse was that I had many little distractions that kept me from homework. For example, I would have the television on even though it was just a rerun or something that I wasn’t that interested in really watching and I would talk with friends. I believe that it would really help if there was someone that would make sure I do the things that I got to do. If it is only me trying to change then it can be difficult because even though i understand my procrastination a lot more I would be coming up with ways to get out of it if its possible to complete homework in the last possible day. I will keep working on my bad habits and hope that I can change them. In a while I still feel like I am a kid and in the future I will be able to grow up some more and get rid of other bad habits of mine.

The wellness plan project was an interesting and unique experience. I was not able to complete this project without avoiding any challenges. At times it was difficult to keep to the weekly goals but I was able to power through all of it. There was one week where I was not able to complete a goal because of various distractions and I was disappointed but other than that every other week was fine. I found that looking at my mini-goals on Sunday nights to plan ahead was a useful strategy to be able to stick to each weekly goal. I also noticed that some weeks I had to tweak my mini-goals in order for me to be able to complete them such as switching something I had to do on Wednesday to another day of the week where I was more available. I learned that I can be very determined when it comes to getting something done. I also learned that I am capable of changing my habits when it comes down to making changes in my life. It is important to be able to change when you do not like something about yourself or something about your life. I am glad that I was able to finish this plan successfully and that I was able to reduce my stress.


To be completely honest I didn’t think much about the “road to wellness journal” when I first started it. To me it was just another thing that I had to do. Yes I picked a part of my life that I knew needed addressing, and yes I set goals, and yes I even tried to stay and did stay within those limits. But those things are simple and almost mundane. Like I said, just another thing to do, just another assignment.

Now at the end of my journalling I have come to realize how wrong I was. As the weeks progressed so did my sincere appreciation for this journal. It acted as a form of my inner monologue, except expressed in external written words. Something about expressing something externally helped me analyze and realize my situation better. It helped me grow in understanding of my alcoholic behavior, it helped me make connections and links between me drinking and triggers. It helped me realize something that I never knew was truly there, something that I started this journal with no intent of finding.

In all sincerity this journal has grown on me. And it has helped me better myself in a way that I never would have without it.

Uncontrolled, unmanaged drinking is something of my past. I will continue to work on not only the way I deal with drinking, but just myself in general.

At the end of my wellness plan I found that over all I had success in most of my mini goals I set for myself at the beginning. My plan to reduce sodium from my diet lead to me eating a lot more healthy and over all making healthier food choices not only when I am home but also when I am out. I found that consistency was key in this project because taking days off would make it real difficult to get back on track. Along with my plan to reduce sodium I also made a commitment every week to stay consistent with a two time a week work out routine which proved to be difficult at times due to other responsibilities like work, class, and working on my new home. The results from all this were very apparent not only from the diet but also from the consistent exercise; I felt a lot more energized, I got better sleep, and was even able to get my family jump on the no salt diet for a week.  I will say that I do not think I will fully stick with this diet completely now that the wellness plan is over; I did get results but I felt like it was a huge pain to consistently resist foods that I would normally enjoy eating, so I will still be reducing the amount of sodium I consume but I will not eliminate it completely.

Overall the whole wellness plan experience was great. I learned a lot about myself and how much I was capable of. I felt like since I had a kid right in the middle of it it messed me up but towards the end it helped motivate me to do even more than before my son was born. The wieght lifting was always easy for me to do, but when it came to running i felt my will power decrease dramatically. I would always set a good not to hard goal for running but i always fell short of it, I found i was more competetive when i ran with someone. I figured out that i dont run well when its just me to push myself, my inner coach sucks. When it came to the mini goals i always chose to hike and i always found myself doing that more than actually working out. Overall I learned that i probably set way too high of goals and that i need to build upon every week rather than trying to do too much and then feeling down when i couldnt finish my goals. I enjoyed this whole experience and I will continue to strive for a complete healthy lifestyle that i can in turn share with my son.