The wellness plan project was an interesting and unique experience. I was not able to complete this project without avoiding any challenges. At times it was difficult to keep to the weekly goals but I was able to power through all of it. There was one week where I was not able to complete a goal because of various distractions and I was disappointed but other than that every other week was fine. I found that looking at my mini-goals on Sunday nights to plan ahead was a useful strategy to be able to stick to each weekly goal. I also noticed that some weeks I had to tweak my mini-goals in order for me to be able to complete them such as switching something I had to do on Wednesday to another day of the week where I was more available. I learned that I can be very determined when it comes to getting something done. I also learned that I am capable of changing my habits when it comes down to making changes in my life. It is important to be able to change when you do not like something about yourself or something about your life. I am glad that I was able to finish this plan successfully and that I was able to reduce my stress.