Stress Management

The wellness plan project was an interesting and unique experience. I was not able to complete this project without avoiding any challenges. At times it was difficult to keep to the weekly goals but I was able to power through all of it. There was one week where I was not able to complete a goal because of various distractions and I was disappointed but other than that every other week was fine. I found that looking at my mini-goals on Sunday nights to plan ahead was a useful strategy to be able to stick to each weekly goal. I also noticed that some weeks I had to tweak my mini-goals in order for me to be able to complete them such as switching something I had to do on Wednesday to another day of the week where I was more available. I learned that I can be very determined when it comes to getting something done. I also learned that I am capable of changing my habits when it comes down to making changes in my life. It is important to be able to change when you do not like something about yourself or something about your life. I am glad that I was able to finish this plan successfully and that I was able to reduce my stress.



The final week was great, I ended this project strong. This week I was able to complete my goal and it was to do any school-related work every day for at least an hour. This was very productive and I was able to get done a lot of work. I was also able to study more for my upcoming midterms and I am glad. This project was helpful and I was happy that I was able to stick to it.


WOW! already the end of the semester. This week I was aiming to reduce my stress by working on my homework as soon as I get it. I was not the best at this being as though I didn’t really have anything due this week. I did turn in my video for one of my classes in a few days early which is a first. I want to thank Denise, this program really worked. My stress went from about an 8 to about a 4-5 which is normal for me. This class and the material we covered definitely helped me realize I am not alone, there are others going through what I am. Have a great summer everyone:) I found this quote this morning, and it made me think of this process for me at least.Image

So I decided to post one last entry to reflect n my wellness journey, for closure. In my journey in managing my stress, I started off strongly. I fell behind schedule during the middle of my plan. I regrouped and managed to finish strongly. I recognized how outside sources can influence my stress levels in positive and/or negative ways and I’ve managed those moments efficiently. In the end, I managed to keep a cool head. My last goal in my wellness plan is to join a stress management group.

I decided the best group to join in helping me regulate my stress I already am affiliated with… mi familia. My family were the first to prepare me to deal with various personality types that exist in the social strata of society. I have endured teasing from my siblings and cousins, a lesson not so different than the real experiences kids learn when they enter grade school or secondary school. I have learned responsibility from my parents. They provided me with the necessities in life, such as food, clothing, and shelter, but they never just gave me money every time I asked for it. My parents encouraged me to get a after school job or to recycle cans for petty cash, as a teen. Learning self responsibility taught me how to earn my keep, which, carries on into the work place. I have learned to manage my emotions through my family, for in the real world whether one is melancholy, depressed, happy, whatever emotion have you because at the end of the day; your supervisor expects you to do your job and professors expect you to turn in your homework on time. The reality is we live in a dog eat dog world where most individuals are concerned only about themselves at the end of the day…for the most part.

So when I return home, I know that my stress level will decline tremendously.  At this point in all our lives, my family has coalesced into a  supportive group of  individuals. We are not perfect, but we genuinely care for one another. My home-going, will be much like the the end of The Wizard of Oz. After a wild journey far from home, Dorothy will be welcomed home with open arms.

Minutiae: I know Dorothy technically was knocked unconscious and had a wild dream of witches and munchkins and cooky characterized friends, but in in the metaphoric sense, my point is…I can’t wait to return home. I can already feel my stress disappearing as I type.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

So this i was able to get most of my goal done. I was able to study for my human anatomy quiz on Tuesday so that I can be prepared for the quiz on Thursday. On Wednesday I was able to do my chemistry homework and that went well because I did it at a pace where I was able to understand the material. The part that I didn’t do for my goal was to do my assignments for health class on Thursday and so now I’m procrastinating on this Sunday night.

This week, I added more of a workout into my 3 hours of exercise I am already doing twice a week. I had added in a workout of 50 push ups and crunches along with 1 minutes of planks. I realized on day 1 I was not in the same shape I was in high school when this was a normal work out or warm up in PE. So I had to break it up to working up to the minute planks. It was a rather rewarding week, to feel the burn as well as to feel more energized after. I was doing this workout twice a day, which helped me stay motivated. Since this week brought on a lot of new challenges I was rather surprised that I was looking forward to the workout to exert some anger or stress. I have also found more workouts that I can do over the summer, as well as more health eating choices. 


This week I used a DVD a friend had copied for me to practice Tai Chi. Since I had not worked out for a few weeks, I decided performing Tai Chi would be a great way to get some exercise in, while continuing the effort to control stress.  I have been feeling frustrated with school and actually quite bored with my routine, so practicing Tai Chi was a great way to reawaken my spirit and get a bit of light exercise in. I’ve practiced Tai Chi a few years ago, but I never memorized the movements, so I decided to watch a few minutes of the video before performing the movements. Once I began, I really enjoyed executing the movements. The first movements involved deep breathing and upper body movements that for the blood circulating. The posturing was loose, but controlled. While raising the arms, I inhaled deeply and as I rotated and lowered my arms, I exhaled. While stepping into the movements, shifting my weight to the right, holding the hands flat, I imagined my hands were absorbing energy from the earth. In shifting my movement to the left, I rounded my arms, pretending to shape the energy I had collected into a large ball. I shifted to the opposite direction and opened the chest to release the energy ball. I performed the motions slowly to appreciate the moment and the slow breathing that came with each movement. It was very relaxing and I was able to feel small pings of tension in my body melt away.

After repeating these movements, as I progressed through the workout, I was so focused on the relaxation aspects of performing Tai Chi, I began to feel improvements in my mood. I became optimistic in knowing the semester would be ending soon and I would be able to return to my exercise regimen, enjoying the forthcoming opportunity to focus on myself. I also told myself that once I am finished with the semester, I will continue my wellness practices and add new activities to stay fresh and motivated to focus on my personal health. Although I had fallen behind on my weekly wellness activities, I reminded myself all would is not lost, and that soon I will be able to enjoy the summer, without academic distractions.

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