Here you’ll find a collection of different blogs on student wellness discoveries after completing a “Wellness Plan Project” which is a project for implementation of systematic behavior change. These postings represent several classes in Kinesiology. There are three categories to define the results of their personal experience through a journey that took place for eight weeks during the semester. Students chose to examine and modify their behavior in either exercise, stress or nutrition. What you see here is an expression of their findings at the conclusion of that journey. You can sort by one of the three categories: Exercise Routines, Eating Routines, or Stress Management Routines.


One Response to “Student Contributions”

  1. adrimelg Says:

    My plan was to reduce my stress by planning ahead the things I needed to do. Having three children (one with autism), student, and work full time has mad my life extremely stressful These eight weeks have made me realize that I need to plan things, follow true with my plans, and to take time for myself. I have realized that I need to be healthy and feel good to be able to help my kids and to function. I realize that I was spreading my time thin and this made me stress out because I did not have time to do everything. I am working on planning things and to follow true with the things that I plan. I want thinking ahead and was just doing things at the moment. I realized that by doing less things I was able to do the thing that I was focused on better. I also felt less stress just knowing that I had fewer things on my pate. Stress is something that many of us don’t realize will affect our everyday life. I realize that is was getting sick by the stress that I had already. Life is stressful and we have to learn how to deal with it or else it will cause other problems in our lives. I also learned that taking time for ourselves is something that needs to be done so we can be able to accomplish other things. If we feel good then we can be able to do our things better and help others with their stuff.

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