I think through eight weeks I have a learned a lot about myself, and maybe most of all, that I can do whatever I set my mind to do. At times it felt like it was going to be impossible to reach my goal of eating healthier. However, during these past weeks I started to eat more fruits, vegetable, and lean meats. I cut sweets down to 1 a week. However, once in a while I still have cookies, but I cut down the portion. The thing I regret is that I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to show my progress. I even ended up losing a couple of pounds. I feel good that I also went to the gym almost everyday. I still feel like I need some more improvement, but the future looks good because I accomplished what I set out to do. I am going to stick to my regimen of eating healthy and working out almost everyday to be ready for the next season of soccer.


Since the beginning I knew I was going to have fun blogging 🙂 It was a nice experience for me beacuse not only did I learn from everyones blogs but also, I learned from myself. It wasnt easy, I would sometimes forget to blog, but its good that technology exists since one can blog from their smartphone! I learned many interesting and fun things. I am not going to stop blogging at all maybe once a month I’ll learn something new and if any one wants to keep up with my weight loss plan. Believe it or not I lost 20 pounds since January till this day and I feel great!. I still have along way to go since my wedding is coming up but I am so excited! One thing that I achieved is eating late at night not only did I change this habit but also did my family and its been great! Good luck to everyone.

After 8 weeks of maintaining control over my soda consumption, I end knowing how my body responds to changes in my diet. I am happy to know I can accomplish nutrition goals by breaking up a strict restriction in steps over serveral weeks until I have become accustom. I want to share that I will continue to reduce my soda intake over the summer to one can a week, if any, with the addition of long-distance running.

I learned many things about myself over these 8 weeks. One of the major things I learned was that I didn’t really have much control over my unhealthy snacking. It got better as the weeks progressed, but when I had to do healthy snacking on the weekends was when I struggle. I don’t know what it is about the weekends, but those were the hardest. I noticed that during this week I would reach for healthier snacks. It was surprising to notice that doing this has changed my habits. I will continue this for the future, but I think I’ll just try to limit my snacking on the weekends and try to drink water instead. Overall I’m very happy with the results of my Wellness Plan.

This week could be the first week I have truly stuck to my plan every day.  My reward for myself is usually one day off, but sometimes that becomes two or three.  But, this week, I am proud to say that I stuck to my plan of eating 5 servings of fruit every day!  I realized that I was eating more fruit simply because I wanted it over crappy foods.  My body naturally started craving fruits and overall healthier foods, which is awesome.  Also, working out again has caused me to eat healthier because of the fact that my body needs the nutrients.

The base minimum given by most nutritional guidelines is 5 servings of fruits and/or vegetables a day, and I have finally hit that mark!

The topic I decided on for my health topic is acting as I am allergic to corn. The reason why I chose this topic is because I have a friend who is allergic to corn and he is really healthy so I wanted to experiment with corn. For this first week my goal is to go out and find out more about what foods contain corn and I am going to do this by calling my friend.

Finally at the last week and my original plan was to limit my snacks to three days. As the week started out I completely forgot about my original plan so I decided to change it to eating healthy snacks all days of the week. On Monday I had strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe and cottage cheese. I didn’t snack on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I had apples and peanut butter. On Friday I had Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks. On Saturday I had apple slices, banana slices and cottage cheese. And on Sunday I didn’t snack. This week wasn’t too difficult because all my projects and tests are next week so the stress hadn’t sent in yet.

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