At the end of my wellness plan I found that over all I had success in most of my mini goals I set for myself at the beginning. My plan to reduce sodium from my diet lead to me eating a lot more healthy and over all making healthier food choices not only when I am home but also when I am out. I found that consistency was key in this project because taking days off would make it real difficult to get back on track. Along with my plan to reduce sodium I also made a commitment every week to stay consistent with a two time a week work out routine which proved to be difficult at times due to other responsibilities like work, class, and working on my new home. The results from all this were very apparent not only from the diet but also from the consistent exercise; I felt a lot more energized, I got better sleep, and was even able to get my family jump on the no salt diet for a week.  I will say that I do not think I will fully stick with this diet completely now that the wellness plan is over; I did get results but I felt like it was a huge pain to consistently resist foods that I would normally enjoy eating, so I will still be reducing the amount of sodium I consume but I will not eliminate it completely.