Overall the whole wellness plan experience was great. I learned a lot about myself and how much I was capable of. I felt like since I had a kid right in the middle of it it messed me up but towards the end it helped motivate me to do even more than before my son was born. The wieght lifting was always easy for me to do, but when it came to running i felt my will power decrease dramatically. I would always set a good not to hard goal for running but i always fell short of it, I found i was more competetive when i ran with someone. I figured out that i dont run well when its just me to push myself, my inner coach sucks. When it came to the mini goals i always chose to hike and i always found myself doing that more than actually working out. Overall I learned that i probably set way too high of goals and that i need to build upon every week rather than trying to do too much and then feeling down when i couldnt finish my goals. I enjoyed this whole experience and I will continue to strive for a complete healthy lifestyle that i can in turn share with my son.