When I began this wellness plan I was hoping to get rid of a bad habit. The habit that I wanted to change was my bad habit of procrastinating on homework. At first it seemed as though change was going to be a possibility but it seems that it was one of my worst habits that I probably should have chosen a different bad habit to change. I learned that I am capable of understanding reasons why I procrastinate but it is difficult for me to stick with a strict schedule. Also, I think that instead of having incentives there should be consequences for not doing what I planned to do. One thing that really made my procrastination worse was that I had many little distractions that kept me from homework. For example, I would have the television on even though it was just a rerun or something that I wasn’t that interested in really watching and I would talk with friends. I believe that it would really help if there was someone that would make sure I do the things that I got to do. If it is only me trying to change then it can be difficult because even though i understand my procrastination a lot more I would be coming up with ways to get out of it if its possible to complete homework in the last possible day. I will keep working on my bad habits and hope that I can change them. In a while I still feel like I am a kid and in the future I will be able to grow up some more and get rid of other bad habits of mine.