The wellness plan was overall a success for me. Many of the times when I felt unmotivated to do a certain task it felt better to accomplish a goal if there was a reward at the end of it. A lot of the times, because most of my short goals were to finish exercises and train harder, the best reward I could give myself was a well earned rest. For those goals like eating healthy and doing things right,  i would punish myself with exercise and reward finishing a punishment with rest. The stress of school work, projects, essays, and work made these goals a lot more difficult to accomplish because I would always have to fit in the right time to exercise and do what I had to do.  A person should not always depend on external goals, but also look at internal goals as well. Because it is exercise and hard work together, one should look at these goals as accomplishments within the person. Doing better decisions, and being a better person overall. The time you finish goals without rewards is when you are doing things for yourself and not for what you’re getting in return. Overall my success and failures in goals, I learned that it never hurts to try to accomplish something, whether the outcome is accomplishing a goal, or not meeting it. At least you know within yourself that you tried your best. If you know you didn’t do your best then you’re only left with regret.