To be completely honest I didn’t think much about the “road to wellness journal” when I first started it. To me it was just another thing that I had to do. Yes I picked a part of my life that I knew needed addressing, and yes I set goals, and yes I even tried to stay and did stay within those limits. But those things are simple and almost mundane. Like I said, just another thing to do, just another assignment.

Now at the end of my journalling I have come to realize how wrong I was. As the weeks progressed so did my sincere appreciation for this journal. It acted as a form of my inner monologue, except expressed in external written words. Something about expressing something externally helped me analyze and realize my situation better. It helped me grow in understanding of my alcoholic behavior, it helped me make connections and links between me drinking and triggers. It helped me realize something that I never knew was truly there, something that I started this journal with no intent of finding.

In all sincerity this journal has grown on me. And it has helped me better myself in a way that I never would have without it.

Uncontrolled, unmanaged drinking is something of my past. I will continue to work on not only the way I deal with drinking, but just myself in general.