This class really helped me to change my lifestyle. Now, I knew that I took the right decision when I decided to be in this class. I feel healthier active. But, although I did not follow with my goal of swimming each week, this was something that made me feel better. I remember that after go to swim, the next day I felt more energetic. This activity will be one of my goals I want to continue doing more often. But I feel proud that I completed most of my goals.

On the other hand, I realized that I achieved sleep soundly every night. I already had many years without enjoying a pleasant dream. Also, I was always tired and I did not want to do anything. Also, I was terribly upset and angry for everything. But what I most wanted to be doing was to be asleep. All around me were saying I needed to change them to leave my problems.

In principle not I had very little energy and desire to start exercising. But now I have to do and all thanks to this class and my wellness plan. Now I feel more strength and with more eager to perform the duties of my house and my work. In truth, I do not know where I got the strength to begin exercising. It is really quite simple: bad habits equal bad health.  But according to a separate research report from the UK, “over 40% of cancers could be prevented by a healthier lifestyle because 34% of cancers in 2010 were linked to smoking, diet, excess alcohol or excess weight. If you want to be healthy, you need to have healthy habits.”  I’ll definitely be changing my lifestyle to a better level.