Wow, it’s amazing how far we’ve all come through!  When I began my wellness plan, I didn’t think I would have made the amount of progress that I have made. Honestly, as I look back, I’ve made so much progress from starting off with 15 minutes walking around the block to my main goal of exercising more than 45 minutes. Let’s face it, exercising is a hard task to do, if you’re lazy like me. Now look at me, I’m actually really into my exercising! Even though the wellness plan is over, it doesn’t mean I’m about to go back to my old ways of sitting around and not getting up to exercise. No way, Jose! Sure, I’ve had some excuses along the way like Week 2, where I used the excuse of blaming it on the rainy weather. I plan to continue my exercising by running around the block everyday! I’m actually excited to begin. I just need to get my running shoes out and BAM, the running will begin. The great thing is my mom and sister will also be joining me, the more the merrier! I think the best strategy that worked for me was to keep my goal in mind and also I wanted to be healthier. I volunteer at the hospital and I see a lot of people who don’t exercise and the effects of what it can do. I want to live long and continue to stay healthy, so this is why it’s important for me to incorporate exercising in my daily activities.  Truly, this wellness plan was exactly what I needed to start off my exercising! Well, it’s been nice updating you guys on my progress, but it’s time to say goodbye. I leave you all with an inspiration quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Always push yourself beyond your perceived limits . Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”