Through the wellness plan I learned things that I never knew about myself. First of all that I could do something that I knew was going to be a struggle. I had the mindset that I was barely or not even going to lose weight, and I must say that wasn’t the best way to begin, however the clouds lifted and I began something that was really life changing to say the least. Being a college freshman, I had new classes, a new campus, a new job and other things that I had to worry about, so working out and staying healthy was the last thing on my mind even though I have always been an active person. So this plan helped me get back on track. I was hitting the gym hard and pushing myself to the point where I was surprised and proud that I was able to do the things I accomplished. The little prizes I got after a successful week where a big help too at first. I have to say that was my biggest motivation for the first couple of weeks because I am a sucker for new nail polish colors, and a shopping trip. However I soon learned that I didn’t need them anymore when going to the gym and trading chips and cookies for strawberries or any other fruit or vegetable around became habits and felt so natural. I also started watching shows like Dr. Oz to get some health tips. That’s where I learned the benefits of raspberry keytones which have helped increased my energy levels and suppress my cravings. These vitamins helped me take my exercise routine to the next level. I was doing things that I would have never done before like making sure I burned a certain amount of calories or making sure I reached that mile. Overall, I did better than I had expected. It wasn’t easy all the time; I did struggle with not skipping meals, and not reaching for my favorite fatty snack. Sometimes, it was just impossible with my schedule to follow it like I should, but my better days far surpassed those darker moments. I saved my good news for last, I lost a total of 6 pounds throughout this plan and I can reassure you that I will keep it off and continue to work at shedding some more pounds off.