My proposed wellness plan was to change my personal behavior of avoiding exercise. I must admit that I am very good at avoiding exercise which is sometimes weird when I think of it because I used to be a very active person during my high school days and younger years. I was a competitive swimmer and cross country runner up until the end of high school. After graduation I was still fairly active but I wasn’t following any daily exercise routine. In addition, my diet had changed because I was no longer striving to eat healthy to keep up with any training. Although I am not significantly overweight, I know well enough that I am not in shape and that my overall health has noticeably declined. So I have proposed to not just avoid exercise, but to get back into the swimmer-runner-shape I was in high school!

Sadly, week one did not play out as planned. My goal for this week was to start small by jogging for 30 minutes for at least three days this week. Didn’t happen. Too many things were going on for school the week before spring break so I did not even bring myself to workout once during Week 1. I must say that I was very disappointed in myself and felt very discouraged. I hoped for a better Week 2.