The final week, the one that wraps up the entire eaight-week stretch of success and failure.

I must say, that overall, I enjoyed trying to work on myself and getting myself to exercise more regularly. At first I tried to exercise indoors while watching a show or something else on TV. Using the show as a good time estimate for how long I should be working out certain sections was a good way to stay in the same routine. However, I found myself starting to lose motivation and I actually would focus on homework, just to not exercise. While this benefited my grades, I was losing my main focus with my exercise plan. I decided that since I already enjoy activities outdoors, maybe I should focus on exercising outside instead of inside to a show. I did. It turned out great! I was definitely enjoying myself while exercising outside more than I was inside.

Even though I figured out some key aspects to how I should exercise and get myself to exercise regularly, I never reached my ultimate goal of exercising every single day (heavy every other day, light on “off” days). I still feel that these last eight weeks were essential for knowing how to proceed. This summer break, I plan to work on it even further and gain a schedule of regularly exercising that finally fits in perfectly.

obtained from Summer Fit

Searching for the Perfect Exercise