I enjoyed the turnout of my wellness plan. I didn’t workout collectively as much as I wanted to but I still saw results from my total gym time. I can bench press more, lift heavier dumbbells, more resistance from butterfly thing, just overall physically better. My weight fluctuated up and down but I am impressed because as of now, my weight is lower and I have more muscle mass. I would like to thank my friends Esau and Julio for making me go to the gym with them and allowing me to workout with them. They had the ability to lift heavier weights but would stick to my weight when they had to. Once I was done, they would move up to their proper weights. In the end, I am glad we did this program. It was fantastic; I would have never choose to commit myself to such a program before but I feel like I am able to do it now on my own, given I have the right resources.

Kinda irrelevant to the results but this was me before I started working out. Needed spotting on everything.