This week I finally had to get a full nights sleep every day. This wasn’t much different from last week because last week I ended up sleeping enough all of the nights. This week I got a full nights sleep every night except for Wednesday night. This was a night when I needed to get to sleep early because I had scuba the next morning at 6. I had put off some homework and I had to stay up and finish it. This meant that I missed my bedtime by a couple of hours. I ended up sleeping through my morning class. I am not sure if this was based just on my lack of sleep or that my body was just used to getting more sleep and was off of its normal rhythm. Either way this was a shock to me because I very rarely sleep past my classes. Thankfully this was an optional class since I am a T.A.  However I still was upset because I missed out on a dive. This really made me stay on top of me sleeping for the rest of the week. It was really a shock to see how much sleep really effected me. I think this is really going to help me make it through my last week of my wellness plan.