My wellness plan was a plan of action that was meant to help me increase the amount of exercise I get. The plan started off strong with getting out to the track for some runs and waking up to do push-ups and sit-ups. This part of the plan was in the middle of the semester and my work load had pretty much leveled off to where it was going to stay for awhile. The challenge to the wellness plan came after spring break. I had decided earlier to keep up my exercise during spring break but had failed to actually exercise during my vacation. This was where the downfall to my wellness plan happened. It was a small crack in my mind where I had let my wellness plan go and I did not want it back. After returning to school, I lost all of my motivation to continue working out and stopped doing most of the exercise I said I would. The more I stopped exercising the more I wanted to continue the habit. It was hard but I was able to restart myself with doing some push-ups and sit-ups in the morning, but I could not bring myself to go running. I was eventually able to get out and run some weeks but overall I really didn’t get to where I wanted to be with my wellness plan. My lesson is that motivation is everything when trying to stick with a workout plan. I had lost my motivation over spring break and was never able to fully get it back. Keeping to a plan also takes discipline which I didn’t have when I failed to exercise over my spring break. Vacations are hard because they disrupt your normal habits which make any new habits even harder to stick to. Overall my wellness plan was a learning experience about what it takes to keep exercising and what some mistakes that can happen along the way are. I also enjoyed blogging about my experience as it helped me to analyze my habits and behaviors. The end of one plan only makes room for another!