My wellness plan project was based on nutrition and consisted of eight week period. In which i challenge myself to break my bad snacking habits through a process of setting eight mini-goals and when i am successful i am then rewarded. This processes was tough and has taught me a lot about myself. I realized that i do better when i do not have easy access to snacks. Whether that be through my immediate environment or financial funds. I also learned that how busy i am throughout my week also made a big impact on whether or not i met my mini-goal. For instance if i had a lot of homework or tests to study for my mind was on bigger things than snacking. Due to my lack of time, immediate environment and financial funds i have become more accustom to asking myself before i snack if i am truly hungry or seeking procrastination. Now that i am aware of my need to finish my food or what is in front of me. I have learned to myself put what i am going to eat into a bowl so that it is okay if i do decide to finish what i am eating. when i put my snacks in a bowl i can get a better idea of when i am full. I really enjoyed this process and even though i was not successful every week it gave me a sense of awareness that i wouldn’t have had otherwise.