it was a late thursday afternoon and i had nothing to do. i knew if i got home i would be awake with a lot of energy without any knowledge on how to get rid of it so i an fall asleep when nigh falls. I stand next to the school library where im in a spot of, should i go home or ride the bike. I remembered there was this trail that led all the way to laguna seca when i rode with a group not to long ago. should i do it? it took 2hrs when i went with a group. yes, i had too because i love adventure, even though i was going in my school clothes. i didnt care. the 4hrs expirience riding a bike by myself to my house wich was 17miles away without any water was though but rewarding. i loved every bit of as i road up and down trails all the way till i hit toro park in Salinas. i knocked out for the rest of the day.