Finals is a stressful time for everyone, especially for someone trying to work on their smoking habit, however this week i decided to take a breathe, go back in time, and follow the advice i gave myself in this wellness journal weeks ago: Let it go.  Realizing that i couldn’t do anything about it, but to finish the finals helped a lot, and before i knew it, i was preoccupied with my finals work to the point where i didn’t have time to smoke. i often woner why we do this too ourselves, honestly noone should put themselves through the 2 weeks of hell that we do during finals, but we do, and we know we’re doing it for a better future. i guess week #7 is just a reenforcement for what i already found out a few weeks ago, and that’s sometimes  we have to let it go… No smoking all week, by golly i did it.