So the wellness plan is finally over and it seems like it went really well. I was actually some what surprised by the results that I came across I had actually improved on my original mile time by quite a bit. I had actually expected to only improve my time by a minuscule amount. I rather enjoyed doing the whole wellness plan thing but I also did not like it at the same time. I liked how it originally got me thinking about a flaw that I had and got me to start improving on that flaw, however I am not a big fan to the structured manner that it was set up in. I am not sure why but when I have it set up like that I feel really bad if I miss it even once or I feel bad if I do it later then I had originally intended and that was not really fun for me. I did like the reward system though even though I did not always complete my designated task for the week it was still a nice incentive to get me out there and doing what I had set out to do.  In conclusion I really enjoyed my time that I spent on the wellness plan, it was most likely even better because I had a great support person there to help me out and to talk to while I was running so it was not as boring as going off and running by myself. I also liked how the two of us just ran all around campus with no real route set in mind, just that we wanted to end when we got back to the dorms. It made it somewhat of an adventure and that was a plus in my book, because who really likes running around a track over and over again day after day? To me that sounds extremely boring and would most likely make me not want to continue with the wellness plan.