At the beginning of my changes I felt very tired and sometimes felt I was not going to achieve my goals meet.  My goals in this class were: walking at least 30 minutes daily, exercising daily at least 15 minutes, start an old hobby, sleep at least 7-8 hours, reduce sweetened drinks, bread, cookies, etc.,  and eat more vegetables, changed my health, my energy, my mood. I will try to follow my eating plan based on my personal health goals; I will continue doing new activities that are changing my life to stay healthy. On the other hand, my children need to develop good habits that will lead to good health and security at an early age. They may also develop an awareness of the great dangers associated with inappropriate use of substances such as cigarettes, inhalants and other drugs.

Now, we all remember that to enjoy well-being and overall health, we must:

  • Getting enough sleep (eight or more hours per night).
  • Follow a balanced diet.
  • Not having addictions.
  • Exercise regularly.

When we are rested, we face the daily stress. A healthy diet gives our body the energy for the day. Therefore, I invite you to continue are the new changes.