So far my goals have been met and ive been very happy with the progress that i have been making. My goals all involve managing my stress and try to become a less stressed out person in general and over the last few weeks i have made great strides in my stress reduction. Its been a very personal experience and so I have been reluctant to talk about it in the blogging form but i feel like im in a good place now and i feel its ok to put my feelings out there, so to say.

Up until now i have been able to complete all of my mini goals sucessfuly and since this was such a hard area to overcome for me this has made a huge improvement in my life.

I have added some extra mini goals to my agenda and those will continue for quite sometime after this semester i think. My stress issues are not something that i can fix in just a few short weeks but so far by having to work on my stress as a part of school work has givin me the jump start that i needed.