One of the worst things we can do from a confidence standpoint is compare ourselves to others, especially when looking at what they have that we do not have. Think of yourself as someone who is unique with talents and gifts that you can share with your friends and family. Next, wear clothes that make you feel good. There are so many books, magazines and online articles about finding the best fit for your body type. We can now wear anything that makes us happy and comfortable, yet still remain stylish. We just need to take the time to figure out what suits us best. Finally, Take care of your body and mind. This is a must! Remember to eat your veggies, take your vitamins and exercise (even if for just 30 minutes a day). Also, read a book, or do anything that will help stimulate your mind and your senses. Believe me; you will love yourself even more for it. Definitely, this class is changing my lifestyle.