This week i was over run with school work and extra curricular. First I struggle in math, the subject just takes a lot out of me, I have to go to tutoring, spend more time on homework and finally review. My goal was to get my math grade higher so that come finals I don’t have to stress as much, so i was busy with math. Than i am President of area one council which is like freshman leadership and we where busy planning a dance the whole week. The last a major thing is i am Chapter Director of CSUMB Strive for college and that program helps counsel kids to get t collage.  With all that fry intake up all week,  everyday except maybe one i consumed fries. Good news, fruit and salad consumption was up.  Stress nor emotions drive my how much or what i eat, but with so much work i take less time to think about what in meeting and often have less time.  Really important week, this realization of workloads impact on what we eat is important in figuring out how to eat better. I really liked this week, because for future reference i know to have apples or other healthy foods ready s even on a busy day i can stay healthy.