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This goal was one of the harder goals to do and i only managed to eat 3 times a day for 5 days  my Saturday and Thursday however i only ate 2 times during the day.  I think the hardest meal to actually get in was breakfast because it requires an extra effort to wake up earlier to make food. what i did notice about the days that i did eat three meal a day i felt more comfortable throughout my day and was not tempted to eat junk food. Thursday i had a very busy day from school straight to work and only squeezed in a small meal before work but i did not eat after 3pm that day until the next morning. On Saturday I woke up late so I missed breakfast and had two meals for the rest of the day one around 1pm and another at 6pm. So in order to fix these problems and eating three times a day i am going to start taking lunch to work.