Well everybody, this is going to be my last post for the Wellness Plan.  My plan centered around running twice a week while steadily increasing the amount of time I ran for the first 4 weeks.  Then I upped the ante and added another day of running, totaling 3 runs a week, while increasing my running time even more.  That said, I completed my eight week journey last week, and I think I did pretty well considering my usual level of physical activity.  I started out okay, missing a couple runs due to weather or work load, but I got into my stride fairly quickly and  was enjoying myself.  I unfortunately missed 2 weeks(weeks 4 & 5) due to an unfortunate passing of a family friend, but I was able to recover before to long.  I have to say that getting back into running a couple times a week after that incident helped me recover and get back into the swing of things.  After getting back into the groove of it I was able to finish up strong, making sure I ran no matter what.  And I did it, finishing this up I feel great about accomplishing something I set out to do(I have to say there really is no feeling like it).

Having last night and this morning, after finishing my last run, to just think back over the weeks and see if all that running changed me and I have to say that there have been a few positive consequences.  First of all I have lost at least 7 pounds since I started running.  This may not seem like much to some people but I have been stuck hovering around 185 lbs for the past couple semesters and no matter what I did I couldn’t lose anymore fat, which has been lowering my self esteem for quite a bit.  And to just lose that in the last 8 weeks is awesome.  Another added benefit is that I feel a lot less stressed about my school work, social life, and personal problems.  While running it feels like all that bad stuff is just oozing out of my body and is being replaced with a wonderful soreness.  The third big benefit I encountered was that I was able to plan out my life better because I had a bi-weekly, and later tri-weekly, activity that wasn’t school.  It gave me something to plan my days around and make sure that I had enough time to finish up all my assignments.  It also made me realize what I was doing to myself when I didn’t plan out my day; not finishing all my assignments, jumping around from essay to project to assignment without setting out a time to just work on one at a time, and setting myself up for failure when I didn’t think it was necessary to complete an activity on any particular day which led me to putting things off till the next day.  Just planning out what I need to do has taken a lot of my stress over school work and made it disappear.  Now I just need to keep up this habit.

Well, looking back on all the benefits that running a couple times a week has given me, I have to say that I am planning on continuing this activity, though I may have to wait a couple weeks till I finish up all my essays, projects, and finals for school.  These things eat up a ton of my time and while I may be able to get a run in here or there over the next 3 weeks, I don’t think I’ll be able to plan on running every couple of days.  That is just about all I have to say about my wellness plan.  Classmates who are still working on yours, keep at it, you just have a week or two more till your done and then you can feel good about accomplishing something, and you can carry that into finals.  Well, I have to go plan my final reward of getting drunk with my friends tomorrow, which is also luckily my 23rd birthday.  Hope you all have had as much fun with this as I had and good luck on all your finals.  Peace out homies.

↑This is what my last week felt like, and it was awesome 🙂

And just for kicks here is another one with what is really happening when I run, just replace the cutie up top with bearded guy with a potbelly.  And no ladies, I didn’t wear short shorts, the glare from my quads would’ve blinded a passing motorist. ↓