I have been trying my best to keep on track with my work-outs, and boy is it hard! This week I took it a step further to make sure that I push myself to get at least one hour of exercise in the week. I ended up getting a membership at the gym, and thus I’m paying for it, and I need to make sure I go and make sure it is worth paying each month. I understand that doing exercise is very important and so I need to make that I do it more the right reasons. I care and love my body and I have understood throughout the semester that it is my responsibility to care for it and that I need to take the initiative to caring for my own body. This week that I signed up for the gym, I feel more energetic and I love to be able to wake up early and well rested. just fifteen minutes of power walking and fifteen minutes of free weights really makes me feel like I had consumed an energy drink.Image