Alright so as each week passes i can just feel that i am completing more of my goals for my wellness plan. Its really just a time constraint now. I did under estimate how many projects i would be working on this semesters but each week even though i may not complete all of my goals, i feel better overall about life and thats what i feel is the goal of this wellness plan. To set goals and complete them but also feel good about it. People maybe  able to do the first two steps but if after they complete them and they still are questioning themselves then its really not achieving your goals unless you reflected and learned from it. Really each day i learn to appreciate life more and as graduation nears i love the little things more and find that even the troublesome aspects that use to hinder my daily lifestyle have become less of a hindrance. Now just to keep swimming.  Bt dubs thats a pipefish in the photo. just look really hard youll see it 🙂 its that skinny green thing.Image