Week six was so much fun!  The last six months I have been trying really hard to save money but I always feel guilty about not taking my kids out and getting them what they want.  I have three so money goes fast if you go do something with them.  So last weekend I did research on kid stuff.  I found restaurants that have kids eat free night, so all I have to pay for is my husband’s meal and mine, we all get water.  I walked out paying 22.00 for dinner including tip.  Two nights this past week after dinner we took the kids to the park and stopped by Costco and got ice cream which only cost 5.46.  Today we went to the beach and looked at seashells and hermit crabs, then got lunch again at another kids eat free restaurant, after that went to the Del Monte shopping mall and let the kids throw in penny’s at the fountain.  It was great they ran around and completely enjoyed themselves.  I enjoyed myself because they had smiles on their face and I wasn’t broke at the end of the week.  My goal wasn’t to go over a hundred but I didn’t even break seventy.  I have about another ten ideas up my sleeve to do with them and I will just keep rotating them.