This week, my mini goal was to jump rope for 10 min and play basketball for 25 minutes. It was a pretty easy goal, I really like both of these activities. For the first day of the week, I got my brothers to jump rope with me. We did some silly  jump rope games such as, Cinderella, H-E-L-P, Texico Texico, Icecream Soda, etc. It kept us pretty busy and we went well over the 10 minutes I had planned to do. Afterwards, we played basketball. One of my brothers was very confident with his skills and challenged my other brother and I to a 2-1. He’s pretty good…which is why he won. Once that game was finished, we played D-O-G and H-O-R-S-E, and we also tried to see who could shoot the basketball the farthest. I lost….as usual. We continued doing these activities throughout the week. Sometimes, we changed it up and did basketball one day and then jump-roping the next. Other days, we would ride our bicycles since the weather was really nice. Overall, this was a very successful week and I definitely achieved my goal! 🙂

I’m glad we weren’t like this Panda 😉