This was the first week since I began my implementation that I didn’t drink any beer. Although I did have the opportunity to drink with my friends, I just passed on it. I told myself, I am already feeling good right now, so there’s no need for me to drink. Yes, drinking alcohol makes me feel happier, but it’s not worth it because when the alcohol level in my body goes down it makes me feel tired for the rest of the day. Besides, I’ve been feeling sick, so I guess that also kept me from drinking. In addition, I saved myself some money, even though alcohol is not too expensive, buying it every week adds up. This week, I also thought to myself, is it really necessary for me to drink every single week? My answer is, no I don’t because it’s absolutely ludicrous to drink beer every single week. I plan to keep this mentality with me for the rest of my implementation. I think it will help me finish off strong the upcoming weeks.