well I am finally starting this thing.  My eating habits suck. theres nothing i do to deny it. i typically eat out most of the week, and dont have a problem with it…… until now.  My funds are drying up with as much as im spending, plus im just eating stuff thats unhealthy for me.  theres only so many whoppers you can have before it catches up with you.  it’s not like i’m in bad shape, but i’d like to start making changes before that changes.  This class assignment makes the perfect opportunity.  I PROCRASTINATE A LOT IN SCHOOL which is why i decided to do this assignment twice a week.  If i leave it to once a week i know i will forget to blog and not turn stuff in, which is what i tend to do.  Whats great about that for me is that at least twice a week i will have to make food so i can blog about it.  Thats what im going to be doing.  Ive also made those mini goals that all of you know about so i will be talking about those too.

so today i cooked fish for dinner.  It was mahi mahi with some rice as a side.  I seasoned it with a bit of garlic and lemon, and Tah Dah! first meal on this plan.  now i did eat noodle bar for lunch but baby steps…..  My goal for this week though is to make dinner at least three times.