This week I was only going to eat good, healthy snacks on Monday-Friday. I believe I did pretty good this week. Monday I had a banana and a Nature Valley Oats n’ Honey bar. Tuesday was apples and peanut butter. Wednesday was a Nature Valley Oats n’ Honey bar and some wheat thins. Thursday I had strawberries and apples. Friday was wheat thins. I actually thought this week was going to be quite difficult because I still have leftover candy from Easter. To help me get through this week I changed to letting myself eat some Easter candy at the end of the week. It worked very well. Whenever I wanted to have an unhealthy snack I would tell myself that soon I could eat some candy. It was strange because today, Saturday, I didn’t feel like eating any of my candy and on Thursday I completely forgot about it. I guess I just didn’t crave sugar at that point. I’ve only had a few pieces of candy today, but I don’t feel like eating anymore.