Even though i felt like this week wouldn’t be as challenging as I though, it was very challenging. Right when dining at the DC i grabbed my food, but then I realized that i needed something to drink as well. I was going to grab a soda as I usually do, but then I remembered that I couldn’t drink soda for the whole week. I then grabbed some flavored water with 0 calories. I was amazed that the water had vitamins, tasted great, and had 0 calories! The whole week I drank that type of water, and it made me realize that their are better alternatives then the usual sugary soda full of calories. Another issue I faced was grabbing a brownie on my way out of the DC. It almost seemed as a habit because when I put my plates away I walked straight to the brownies, but as soon as I saw the brownies I remembered I couldn’t eat those as well. It was very hard to walk away from the brownies, but i grabbed a fruit instead. Final thing was the chips. When I usually ate at the Otter Express I ate a sandwich and with it I also got some chips. This time I substituted the chips for some Oreo thins. They were actually pretty tasty and only had 100 calories per bag. I felt pretty good overall not consuming this foods high in calories that sometimes we eat and drink, yet we don’t stop and think of the calories they have. I will try from now on to not drink soda, but that vitamin water with 0 calories. Image