So for week five i had the intentions of going out for a twenty minutes fast-pace walk twice this week. The only thin was that i didnt do it…Why you be asking yourself. This past week has probably been the most stressful  due to multiple assignments and a particular even that i was going to attend. After all my assignments were completed, i was going to reward myself with a concert in San Francisco with my buddies from my home town.

And how is this relevant to the wellness plam?? EASY! i did not end up going to the show due to some family matters. Which resulted in me just being plain depressed for a few days, especially the day of the concert. And as a result, i did not find the intensions or energy to go out of my way and exercise. I was to preoccupied with my homework and thinking about the concert that i MISSED out on. Theres always next time…with both the exercise plan and concert, but at least i already have a show planned for the end of the month which i as GREATLY LOOKING FORWARD TO!!