Today was my last day of week four and it was also my last day of my second week run of only having one drink in a seven-day run. I am happy to say that I have held strong and true to my initial promise. My initial commitment hasn’t been overly difficult to abide by. In fact I quite enjoy it.

For my drink this week I decided to go with a good old wine that I especially delightful chilled on a warm day. I was a little excited to have a glass with dinner. The wine was good, but not as great as I had remembered. And the terrible thing that later followed made my drink even worse.  I’m not sure if it was the wine, timing, or pure evil that sparked a migraine headache later that night. TERRIBLE!! I have only had one migraine once before, but anyone that has had one knows that they are unmistakable terrible evil things.

Lets just say that I am a little terrified to take another drink…