This week my goal was to have foods with less sodium. while shopping around for foods i realized there is tons of sodium in different products so to make this task simpler i simply went to eating more fresh vegetables. I ate more fruits to avoid the salty snacks and still managed to keep up with all of my previous goals for the weeks prior except for eating out. I was only supposed to eat out three times still but once again the outside influence came in to play. My girlfriends mom came to visit and she wanted to take us out to eat after we had already ate 3 times during the week but it seemed rude to say no so we fell back on this goal. my excuse for myself saying it was OK was that we had ate healthy during the week even when we ate out i ate a veggie burger instead of a normal burger. on all the other goals we did manage to stay very firm i have not drank soda, ate meat only three times a week and ate foods with less sodium. So after my spring break of failure i am back where i need to be on my eating habits.