My goal for week three of my wellness plan was to add ten minutes to my workout. I almost threw everything out the window regarding my wellness plan when I returned to school. After Spring Break, I learned that the group I was assigned to work with for a particular class had not completed their portions of their presentation. I tried to not let this offset my mood or trigger any stress. I told myself to understand their reasons and not let any outer feelings to interfere with my inward peace, but I was honestly bothered. Thankfully being that I had finished my portion, I had extra time to exercise. I decided to not go to the gym, but to jog outside, as I recognized how good I felt when I focused on nature. It was truly rewarding to connect with my breathing, movements, and with nature as I jogged on Fort Ord. I exercised twice that week for an hour. I still did feel stressed or a bit anxious as I worried about the group assignment, but in the end it all came together nicely. Our presentation was stellar!