So my goal for this week was to run for at least one hour on T/TH/S/Sun at 6pm.  I was able to exercise on these days for an hour but not at 6pm. I thought by setting a time, I would be more likely to be successful in accomplishing this goal. What ended up happening was I exercised in the morning for 30 minutes and exercised again later in the evening for another 30 minutes. By using this method I was able to accomplish my mini goal because it wasn’t too difficult. Distributing the time gave me enough time to do other important things. For me, setting a specific time is difficult to stick to because unexpected things come up that might prevent me from exercising at that specific time.  Now, I just plan to exercise in the morning and again in the evening between certain hours.  My weight has stayed the same because I been eating a little too much but have kept exercising. I need to stay focus and remind myself about my ideal weight goal.