This week I was not very successful. I drank a total of 112oz of beer. No, I was not drunk or nothing, but that’s the problem. Before, drinking 40oz of beer would get me drunk. That means that my tolerance level has gotten a lot higher, which also means that my liver is paying the price for it. What makes me drink so much alcohol? I just really like how I feel when I am under the influence of alcohol. Am I an alcoholic? I don’t consider myself one, but perhaps I should be. Although I only drank beer on Friday, the amount of ounces I drank was unacceptable. I am ashamed to report this to you guys because I feel like I have failed. Yet, I do not want to sit here and tell you that my implementation is going terrific because I would be lying. This following week, I know that I face a new challenge, so I plan on focusing on that and leaving this week in the past.