This is my third week in my push for ‘better workouts.’ Unfortunately during this fantastic spring break I was unable to really exercise. I was very busy with other matters that needed my attention which made working out difficult. I also stayed on campus this spring break and the gym was closed. Though, I understand I used that as an excuse. I could have easily went out doors and found a gym and made due. But, on the plus side I did get hyper once this break and decided to go to Monterey Sports club and sign up for their free ‘7-day trial’ so I could use a gym. I worked out and got to use a free facility, a win in my book. So I guess you could say I worked out once, but embarrassing by my standards.

The goal for next week is to get back in and start making the progress I said I would. I am getting up to 20 minuets of non stop biometric cardio. I feel that I have lost a little bit of muscle mass and hope to get it back within this week and next. I am very optimistic for the future but also see the restrictions. With finals approaching, getting to the gym consistently will be a very hard goal.