I feel that this week was a fail for me because i wasn’t able to keep my word. I ate more cookies than I said I was going to eat. The week before this week i was fine because i didnt eat any cookies; i was shocked how i was able to keep myself from eating cookies when i didnt even propose to myself and how easy i failed to keep my word when i kept on thinking and depriving myself from the cookies i ate more cookies. i said i was only going to eat 7 cookies for the whole week or a cookie a day minimum. I feel as though I have an addiction because i ate a total of 10 cookies the whole week. there were some days i didnt eat any cookies at all, but one day i ate 5 cookies. they tasted so good, and i ate 2 in the morning and 3 during lunch time. I know it seems ridiculous but i really want to solve this eating habit I have; i will work harder next week. What I noticed was that whenever I had the cookies at my disposal it was a lot easier for me to eat them because they were just right there and i just picked them up and ate as many as i wanted because the DC has a lot of cookies. I will work harder to stop eating a lot of cookies and go for the fruits instead.