I just finished week 3 of my wellness plan, and I wasn’t able to run like I wanted to.  Since it was Spring Break I decided to head back home and see my family.  But I forgot to bring my running shoes, so I was up a creek without a paddle.  So I decided to get creative this week.  For my exercise on Tuesday I took my mom’s dog out for a 2 and a half hours.  It was a nice day and I just leashed the dog up and just kept on walking till even the dog was sick of walking around.  On Thursday I spent the day cleaning out my dad’s garage, which included a lot of heavy lifting, and I was dead tired by the end of the day.  I also spent a lot of time doing the manual labor my parents saved up for me while I was at school.  So even though I wasn’t able to follow my plan exactly, I believe that I was able to fulfill the same amount of exercise as I would of gotten from running.  That is all for this week, bye everybody.