This week, I drank the least amount of alcohol since beginning my implementation. Tuesday afternoon, I drank a total of 48oz and none the rest of the week. On Tuesday, I remember saying to my friend, ” I am not going to drink this Thursday”, he replied, “okay”. Me and him usually drink a few beers after class on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Anyway,  I thought it was cool that he respected that I did not want to drink. Sure enough, Thursday after school, we went our own separate ways. Yes, we are still good friends, but we also respect each other’s decisions. When the weekend came around, I was tempted to drink. I didn’t though because I had a lot of homework to do. Besides, I had to take care of my son and he kept me busy. Overall, I feel that I did a good job avoiding alcohol consumption. Hopefully next week, I can do the same.

The actual empty bottles of the total beer I drank this week.