I have begun my wellness plan and have completed the first week successfully. I found that my recital of a daily affirmation really has helped. Before beginning this practice, I usually begin the week with an academic to do list dominating my morning thoughts, dampening my mood, which would carry on through the week. This week at my awakening, I would condition my thinking to focus on being grateful for simply awakening. Afterwards, I would take a few moments, focusing on the depth of my breathing and then reach for a “seed card” from the affirmation deck and recite the statement written on the card out loud. I would then repeat the affirmation in my mind as I continued to focus on my breathing. I did this for the entire week. I found that as the week progressed, I would awaken in a better mood because my focus shifted to appreciate the quiet of morning rather frantically thinking of academic demands. However, I still have much practice to do, for I have discovered that outside influences still trigger feelings of anxiety or stress. My next goal is to manage stress triggered by outside influences, whether it be negativity from an outside source or my own responses to unexpected setbacks, such as forgetting my school ID or car trouble, which I did experience last week. My goal for week two is to employ breathing techniques while meditating on positive outcomes in order to curb instantaneous bouts of stress, occurring throughout the day.