This week, my goal was to drink less than 64oz of alcohol. I went over that limit on Friday night because I went to a club/concert. I only went over my limit by a few ounces, so it was not that bad. I am not disappointed because I only drank one day out of the week compared to last weeks three days. For me, this week is a perfect example of how I should drink: Friday night when I have no school the following morning. Of course, I need to limit myself to that day only and more importantly avoid going over my limit of ounces consumed per week. Also, I should continue to work out at least three times per week, so I can burn off all of the calories gained from the alcohol. Yes, I know that there is nothing to help me protect my liver from the harmful effects of the alcohol, that is why I will continue to strive to consumes less alcohol each week.

This beer is not opened, that's how I should keep it.