For the second week I decided to work on incorporating fruits and vegetables into my diet. Since last week I have been eating 3 meals a day. Due to this, my goal this week was to include fruits and vegetables in at least two of my meals. Even though I have 3 meals a day, I feel that I am not getting the nutrients I need because I don’t always have nutritious meals.

the fruit salad I made to eat with my breakfast

This week went very well because I met my goal. Incorporating and eating fruits and vegetables in at least two meals per was definitely the easy part, it was getting the fruits and vegetable that was the hard part. I had to make a couple trips during the week to Savemart and the farmers market to buy some fruits and vegetables. Other than the cost I really liked eating more fruits and vegetables. I feel like the fruits and vegetables added so much more flavor to my meals. I will definitely continue to do this.