This week was kind of a challenge for me because i really like eating bagels and i told myself i was only going to be able to eat 2 for the whole week and also eating less white bread. i actually only ate 1 bagel, but i usually eat around 4-5 a week; i eat only probably each time i eat breakfast. I felt a lot lighter not eating this bagels, and also eating less white bread gave me a lot more energy. my stomach wasnt sticking out as usual, so that made me feel a lot better about myself. the one time i ate the bagel i did put a lot of jelly and peanut butter which i found kind of unhealthy, and i also ate a pb and j, which i also added a lot of peanut butter, and jelly. it was delicious, but i regretted it made my stomach kind of hurt. i was tempted, but then i remembered in my head that i wasnt suppose to eat this bagels. I am use to eating a lot of white bread and brown bread, but i started liking the brown bread due to all the positive sides it has, and they taste pretty much the same. i hope i can adjust my eating style from what i learned for my life little by little.

Photo by Robert Caplin from New York TimesImage